This months In the Window is the work VENUS ENVY.

In celebration of International Women's month we acknowledge the different versions of womxn Identities and their embracement of their Butch Femme, High Femme, Soft Femme, Femme Boy, Femme Babe, Queer and Non-Binary femme selves. Lets celebrate every Womxn including our Trans, Genderqueer, Intersex, A-sexual, Cis, and allies as they are worthy of our acceptance and appreciation.

Video Works Include:

Platonic Love - 2017
Featuring: Sweatmother
This was inspired by feminine love - platonic love - and what it means to feel true appreciation. My love relationships this year were all fueled by creativity and acceptance. The circles represent the love from each unique feminine divine that has inspired my life this year. My Goddesses, Marlyn, Annie and Lily, each circle reflects the pacing, fluidity and elements of your personalities. Thank you for nurturing me, hearing me and teaching me how to continuously grow. This piece is dedicated to them.

Second Planet from the Sun - 2019 Featuring: Julia

Venus As a Boy - 2019 Featuring: Lorenzo

The Universe, You Revolve Around Her - 2019 Featuring: Julia

All films were conceptualised, edited and filmed by Sweatmother / / @Sweatmother