The goal is to achieve equality and we salute and share with you this week a group of women who were important, and celebrate their role in this world, in music and support a better way to find a #BalanceforBetter.

For all music lovers and those who may have loved the Bangles, these women are the reason why. We have the utmost love for the wonderful and diverse band ‘Fanny’.

In a male dominated rock scene they achieved top 40 success and with sibling band members from a biracial background, they found refuge in music.

The artist Barbara Streisand, when wanting to get a rockier sound asked them to join her in the studio.

They have a place in rock’n ‘roll , they were more girl power before the Spice Girls, they declared a place for women in music and a place for female immigrants of colour.

Check out their sound over at

To Fanny with Love.