Thank you all so much for working so hard this year, just wanted to ping this event out to all of you...

It's time to take stock and blow off some steam at our annual Office Christmas Party (for those without an office). Yes we're talking to you all you freelancers out there- and your office bound friends.

We'll be having the traditional 'Office Talent Show™', our 'Christmas Tombola' and as usual our IT team will be hitting the 'Deckz' later on.

This evening is about coming together to eat cocktail sausages and drink cheap wine to celebrate the death of capitalism as we hurtle towards the end of the world as we know it.
Bring your colleagues, partners, acquaintances, brothers, lovers, mothers. 

Business in the front, party in the back. Mama Hale and Kate Butch by the coffee machine, Hannah Maxwell and Lucy Bond inna cupboard. 

Oh, and Tahita Bulmer is visiting from the NYPC (formerly New Young Pony Club) office to play a set while auditing the back office files. Abby Thomas will be propping up the bar and tidying the garage while she spins some tunes. 

Execs Danly Steele and Shiryl Koale will be running the secret santa - max spend 20p.
Make sure you pen it into your google cal and let's party like it's 1989.

Bait Theatre & Two Pale Ladies

9pm - late // £9 advance// £12 OTD