You're cordially invited to Femmetopia's rebel wedding party hosted by bride-never-to-be Louise Orwin!

Proles to the front! 

Come help us smash the patriarchy, celebrate our own non-marital bliss, plot the downfall of the monarchy, dress up, make love, say our vows and marry whoever we damn well feel like for one night only. 


Louise Orwin brings you a celebration of very hard loving.

> The most serious and legally binding* wedding ceremony conducted by high priestess Thom Shaw & altar boy Tom Cassani

> Your Best Man-ly Stanley (Man-up winning drag king Edythe Woolley) will be providing the cheeky stag party banter.

> Jilted bride Vijay Patel will be lamenting the loss of their prince with HARRY, WHY DON'T YOU EAT MY BHUNA? 

> Princess & The Revolution: VFD's very own house wedding band (including Nicol ParkinsonAnna SmithGeorge HuntConal IngoeLucia MannionPhoebe Patey-FergusonCarlos Maurizio & Mia Antonia Johnson)

> Remember the best day of your life forever with some specialist permanent penetration from Jen Smethurst with Does it Hurt?


> The finest feminist wedding DJ MRSBAXTER2U brings you pop classics and banging banter.

> Femme wonder-boy Alex Lawless (of Knickerbocker infamy) with all the alt-pop and indie-dance to get your nan and her bottle of vintage poppers onto the dancefloor. 


> Cake! Lots and lots of cake!
> First Dances!
> Cocktails! 
> Take your photo with the queen! 

& absolutely no creepy uncles!

>> So what are you waiting for?! Get down on your knee and offer us your ring! <<

DRESS CODE: Muriel's wedding at a fet!sh club (dress up as much or as little as you like). 

*this wedding service will not be certified or legislated by the church, the government, or any official system and that's the way we like it.

Femmetopia is for all LGBTQIA+ femmes, women, transfeminine/transfemme folk, trans* folk, gender fluid folk and gender non conformers, non-binary people, butches and all other queers and their friends. Everyone is welcome but if someone behaves like a D they will be immediately ejected. 

£5 early bird // £7 advance // £10 OTD

>> FEMMETOPIA will be at VFD every 1st and 3rd Saturday's each month- follow us for more upcoming magic! <<


We regretfully apologise that VFD is in a basement venue and therefore is not wheelchair accessible. 

We are accessed by a single staircase with 12 stairs that has a single bannister along the entire length. There are no steps once you are in the basement.

There are two gender neutral toilets in the basement.

There is a smoking area at basement level for those with access needs. 

There are benches along the space if you need to sit down. 

If there is anything we can do to facilitate your visit to vFd then please contact us on and we will do our very best to help in advance and on the night.