An evening of obscure electronics, k-jazz and psychedelic pop with live performances by KNOWN OCEAN (VSR) and UMLAUT! (VSR). Joined by family members FRANKLIN, PARCHER, SALLAD EGG and TEENAGE JEANS. VSR is a record label based in London and Berlin

Known Ocean (Live) 
A lot of weather we’ve been having lately. Known Ocean, moan’s over dead man’s bones. Enjoy the calm before the storm. Prepare yourself for waves of evolution, waves of emotion and waves of modulation. A tempest in a tea cup. Tied to the Ocean from where we once came.

UMLAUT! (Live)
UMLAUT! are Cosmo Wise and Sam Bardsley, a British duo based in Berlin. Their first single "Ü!" was released last month and it sounds like cloud nine pop fission K-Jazz!

Franklin (DJ)

Parcher (DJ)

Sallad Egg (DJ)

Teenage Jeans (DJ)

7pm - late //£5