Rounded; a new night on the London scene, switching things up. Bored of DJ Worship and generic, western dance music? Our parties will focus on a specific form of dance music from regions around the world. Expect, from one night to another, Japanese disco, Ugandan Techno, Arabic Jazz Fusion, Nordic space disco - and everything in between. 

Rounded 001 takes us to Japan, to explore the rich history of City-Pop and 80s J-Pop. Using western disco and funk as a springboard, the Japanese created a genre of their own completely unlike any other. We will be joined on Friday 6th of December by two incredible DJs; anu and Yuka Mizuhara.
At every Rounded night, all profits will be split 50/50. The first half will be donated to a charity linked to the country who’s genre has been explored. In this case, we will be donating to the Japan Society’s ‘2019 Typhoon Hagibis Relief Fund’, which is helping the survivors of the recent Typhoon in Japan. The second half will be used in the running costs for Rounded 002!

Guests for this edition:

anu - she/her - @noanunoparty - anu is a DJ and illustrator based in London. She has a regular show on NTS, where she explores all types of music - notably Japanese disco, city-pop and J-pop. She’s cemented herself as one of the station’s stalwarts and had the honour of representing NTS at the inaugural edition of Uganda’s Ngeye Ngeye Festival in 2017 as well as touring India with the station in 2018. Further support for her diverse and daring style has come in the form of her Boiler Room debut in 2017 as part of the regular light shining on the expanding and exciting London DJ scene, as well as a Resident Advisor live session from Brilliant Corners.

Yuka Mizuhara aka Ashley Yuka - she/her - @ashley_yuka - Yuka Mizuhara is a rising DJ from Japan. She also has a monthly show on NTS, where she explores all forms of music from her homeland. She played the Billboard Japan Stage at Summer Sonic recently, and was interviewed by Fred Perry for their ‘subculture’ section in 2019.

Tickets available here on Resident Advisor.

Stay tuned for more info!