SUE NHAMANDU is a Brazilian artist, on European tour attending the Erasmus Mundus Europhilosophie Toulouse-Barcelona 2019 program. She is also invited to participate at the Independent Studies Program at Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, where she develops research on post-colonial studies and queer theories. Whilst in London, she will be doing a workshop about female squirting and a performance here at VFD Dalston.

The workshop Wet LAB is an experience reserved for the encounter of dissident subjectivities. An intense moment of self-care and self-knowledge. It is theoretical and practical, with the function of acting the squirting performance making accessible to all. Sue will invite us to recognize her own prostate, and then recognize it in ourselves. In a collective performance of de-subjectivization, each participant will write an erotic dream that will be shared and narrated. ♡ Female ejaculation is a symbolic weapon in the struggle against patriarchy!

14:30 - 18:30
£17.50 Advance / £15 Concessions
Only 10 places available. 

The performance What dissolves in liquid vehicle? is a Post-porn cannibalized singing experiment. A multi-layered audio with projections of body parts, and decontextualized genital-eroticism.

19:30pm // £5- £7

BIO - Sue Nhamandu:

Professor invited by the mobility grant Erasmus Mundus Europhilosophie Toulouse-Barcelona 2019 program. Winner in the artist category of the II Select prize of art and education. I decided to reinvent the wheel: pornôklastia, porn iconoclasm, a neologism and concept that self-contain a performative, philosophical, political, media-tactic and pedagogical practice in a war machine movement. I just released two books “Poemas Pornôklastas” (Pornôklastas Poems) (ISBN 978 85 67240 85); “Grelo Duro Faca na Bota” (ISBN 978 85 7039 005 9), through Córrego Editor. I worked with José Celso Martinez Correia at the Teatro Oficina in 2011 in Macumba Antropofaga theatre piece; there I also had the opportunity to be a student of Gerald Thomas (Teatro Poeira RJ) 2012; in cinema I worked in A bruta flor do querer, Gramados Festival winner in 2013. Then I decided to become a performer and playwriter. In 2016, I co-organized the II International Festival of TCNXMNSM in the Pataxós natives Village: Pará (Caraíva, Bahia, November 20-28, 2016), next to Fabiane M Borges, the most magical anthropological experience of my life after the natural birth of my child. I never had the opportunity to be outside Brazil, but my works have wings and were exposed and presented in several parts of the world, such as Mexico, London, NY, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France, MAC (Museu de Arte Contemporanea) - SP.

Artist statement: My works pornoklastia are performative experiments of decolonization of the female body. Through the work Ryzoma Pornoklasta, a pedagogy of consciousness about the vitality of the patriarchal system, based on erotic exercises that explain the myths of gender differences. A radical approach to problematizing the ambivalences of the notions of gender, from the sexual education, thinking the pedagogical practice as a fundamental element of the constitution of the subjectivity.

Issues of interest: pornoklastia, pharmacopornography, anthropophagic, aesthetics of existence, ethics of self-care, perspectivism, undisciplined pedagogies, eros as philia, res-subjectivation with oxytocin.