Saloon Dion is a queer night by Dyke Digital. Dyke Digital

Saloon Dion is an online platform which is focused on producing fashion imagery by and for individuals who identify as dykes originated from a personal frustration for queer woman who could not find current online high fashion content that was produced by queer women in a male dominated industry and environment. Each phase has a select theme - this phase is Westerns.

Saloon Dion is a night that celebrates these creative queer women with a traditionally gay male topic of cowboys where said women and dyke identifying individuals can explore Westerns in a modern non-gendered mission to challenge male dominant history and beliefs.

Party to 80s-00s dyke bangers in a weird and wonderful western world. Our pink cactus ‘crystal’ will be making an appearance.

Dress code: Cowboi realness


DJs to be announced