The amazing and Time Out Favourite I Need to Cher bring their good times and costumes to VFD for a one off East London Show and after party.

Need to Cher is the world’s only immersive Cher-themed informative feminist cabaret night and we are coming to VFD. Using interactive activities; feminist performance; and informative presentations - a menagerie of Chers take the audience through a journey that spans Cher's six decade influence on popular culture. 

Ticket includes a Cabaret show (20:30 - 23:00) and dance party (23:00 - 02:00).

The show is DIY, unashamed in its love and passion for Cher and what she stands for as a feminist hero. The first instalment included the audience mounting men dressed as cannons; a twitter response from Cher herself and a two week Cher-induced high for all those in attendance. 

Expect the ghost of Sonny Bono, five star drag and interpretive horse dance. All attendees will graduate the night with a level 3 qualification in Cher and a three hour dance party (55% Cher).I Need to Cher has sold out every show it has done so far and is open to absolutely everyone who needs to Cher.

“The single most charming thing I've ever seen.”

“You’ve created queer heaven.”

“I just saw a female wrestler dressed as Cher through Sonny over her fucking head while lip syncing I've Got you babe. How am I still awake?”

“The most unprofessional performance I've ever seen and I loved every minute of it.”

Doors 8pm-3am

Tickets available here: