Pride will be done. We will be tired, hungover and ready to start all over again! Let's have one more edition of the Disastrous Cabaret to finish the Pride season with a blast.
So we've done a vigil for Brazil, we've had performances from absolutely exciting new queer talents, we've had snakes and animalistic acts, so this month we bring you... QUEER ANGER!

Being queer is a blessing. but before we can see and feel that, many of us have to go through so many stages of guilt, shame, feeling less than others, etc. For the July edition of the Disastrous Cabaret, we will let scream and shout and let some of our anger go, so that we replace it with love and union.

For this, Mary is bringing you four incredible acts and some other surprises that might, in some way, mark you forever ;)

L'Archiduchesse - Archi Duchesse
Crayola - Crayola the Queen
Eileen Bothways - Eileen Bothways
Lucia Blayke - Lucia Blayke

Remember, Mary always brings you something unexpected and out of the box. Prepare yourself, come and be a part of this marvellous disaster!

Mary Poppers is creating an all-inclusive SAFE SPACE, absolutely free of racism, transphobia, xenophobia, ageism, all the "isms" and "phobias" you could find to discriminate anyone.

Tickets available here, get them early and don’t miss out.