You Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying, or in this case, Buying, is a comedy night with Emily Pope, showcasing the wildest new stand up comedy and funny performance art in the UK.

The acts are invited to perform material dealing with the usual issues - sex, death, love, money, self care (hopefully not too much of this) jealousy, madness, the overthrowing of the Tory government and the futility of a comedy set in order to promote this. The more we sit in rooms laughing, the more we are distracted with our own sense of humour.

The theme this time is ‘Buying’. What can we afford to buy? The rent is 15 days late, yet you’ve paid your photoshop subscription on time. It is PRIDE season, yet Boris is the PM.

So, what does it mean to sell out, and to be more specific; what does it mean to sell your flag to the bank? 

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