A special one-off exhibition of Anna's most cherished and beloved artworks, showcasing images from her Gender Trouble collection, which was showcased at Doomed Gallery Dalston in 2017 and featured on platforms including Dazed and Confused Magazine, Purple Fashion magazine and The Photographers' Gallery - along with images from Venus Envy, and many unseen works from her archive.

Inspired by the tradition of Nan Goldin, but bringing her own nuanced sensibility to her tableaux, Anna deploys friends and associates as her immediate subject matter. She hopes to challenge the notion of gender identity and in her work, she seeks to subvert and overthrow this binary; to transcend and negate gender cliches to demonstrate that gender, like sexuality, can be fluid and non-binary.

“Women have always faced - and continue to face - being objectified by male sexual desire. I wanted to challenge the notion of gendered identity, both dominated and defined for centuries by the male heterosexual gaze, by reframing female sexualities independent from their male correlatives.”