Join us in not so holy matrimony as we celebrate our union. From a blowjob on the balcony of Berghain, to a blow-out in the basement of VFD; nothing’s changed other than two marital statuses and one surname. 

From 10pm-3am we will be serving a variety of tunes, from dip-it-low R&B, through Pop-tastic floor fillers, then churning up the floor below us with some techno - DJs to be confirmed.

We don’t want something borrowed, or blue, so come in your best pastel pink and white get-ups and join us for a first dance, the cutting of the k-ake, and some drunken dad moves. 

Can I have a plus one, you ask? Yup, plus as many friends as you like. And there’s no awkward seating plan other than in the smoking area. 


Hit attending to RSVP!