CLASH///BOOM///THWARPLLL///(rumbles and other ominous sounds)

The tumultuous seasons are a’changing unsteadily, dark clouds swarm on the horizon and the smell of static dust electrifies the storm chaser’s souls. It’s time for a blow out, a mega~storm, to cleanse the air and precipitate the coming summer sunshine.

We need a

The SUNDAY~FUNDAY squad are back again with a storm of colour and queerness! Loud music, flashing lights, flouncing through the clouds, dancing in the rain, and cleansing our cuts and bruises.

And as the eye of the storm passes right overhead, we will bunker down in the protective stomach of VFD and hold a very special late night drag show flooded with unique creatures spirited in from distant lands!

With extra special weather girl Ellis D giving us some shelter, and international megastorm Gaff~E hurling down hailstones of magic on the decks, it’ll be a gail force party!

So take our advice, don’t take any unnecessary journeys, hide your kids, and get ready for a transformational tempest late late late into the night!

Doors at 9:00pm, Shows at midnight, party party party til late late late get wet wet wet drip drip drip drop don’t stop 💧