TREE CARR is a London-based Filmmaker, Musician, Mystic, Lucid Dreamer and Death Doula.

Tree is an avid Lucid Dreamer and looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self exploration, healing and the personal expansion of greater consciousness. She’s been journaling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and OBE’s for over 20 years and contributes her ideas at SpiritMAMA and Seymour Magazine.  As an artist, she incorporates her dream practice into her creative work. She has recently started to hold Lucid Dreaming Workshops in London, Paris and Margate.

Her work as a Death Doula sees her helping people spiritually, emotionally and existentially at the end of their lives, assisting with healing, and peaceful and conscious passings.

As a mystic, Tree has explored the realms of spirituality and consciousness since she was a child. She is self taught in divination and astrology and facilitates readings, rituals and consultations.


Commencing in January 2017, THE ORDER OF CAUDA PAVONIS, will be a coven of 13 individuals led by Tree, meeting weekly to learn about the practices of dreaming, divination, magick and ritual. These sessions will help facilitate creative work, personal growth, transmutation, self-exploration, healing, empowerment and the personal expansion of greater consciousness.

The 4 month course covers:

★ Dream Magick:  Dream herbs, lucid dreaming, dream analysis and interpretation ★ Magick & Ritual ★ Divination Tools ★ Tarot ★ Runes & The Elder Futhark ★ Scrying ★ The Shadow Self ★ Sex Magick ★ Alchemy ★ Astrology ★ Aninism  ★ Pagan Sabbats ★
Creative Visualisation ★ Meditation & Grounding Techniques

Block book one month: £80 (each month)
Block book 4 month course (25% discounted rate) : £250



*Includes Dream Kit

JAN 05:  Introduction to Lucid Dreaming and Dream Journalling
JAN 12:  Precognitive Dreams, ADV Dreams, Compensatory Dreams
JAN 19:  Dream Herbs
JAN 26:  OBE’s and the Astral Plane



*includes Divination Kit

FEB 02:  Introduction to Divination
FEB 09:  Learning the Tarot
FEB 16:  Learning Runes & The Elder Futhark
FEB 23:  Learning The Scrying Mirror



MAR 02:  Introduction to Magick & Ritual
MAR 09:  Creating an Altar
MAR 16:  Herbs & Magick
MAR 23:  Creating a Magick Circle



*Includes Sex Magick Kit

APR 06:  Introduction to Sex Magick
APR 13:  Mysticism & Sexuality
APR 20:  The High Priestess & Sacred Prostitution
APR 27:  Universal Life Force

★ MAY 01:  End the course with a Beltane Ceremony (Monday night in a nature spot) * FREE



The Cauda Pavonis (Peacock’s Tail) phase of alchemical process describes a subjective, perceptual change in which the wayfarer, or experiencer, becomes aware of the dreamlike nature of existence. With half of the eyes opened and half of the eyes closed as if in a sleep state, the experiencer now relates to their existence as a waking dream, where conditions and encounters are revelatory.