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Diana Navarro is a lawyer, activist and sex worker living in Santa Fe, one of Bogota's poorest neighbourhoods. Previously homeless, her work as a sex worker has enabled her to become a lawyer and the pillar of hope and strength which she serves as in her communiy today. She is a champion of the vulnerable people in her community, and fights tirelessly to defend trans peoples' rights, sex workers' rights, and the security of the community she lives in.

The film is important because it gives a voice to trans people in Latin America - a voice that the community needs to end the misunderstanding and injustice they suffer. What's more, it speaks for sex workers in Colombia, a profession which Diana is proud to be a part of, and which continues to help her and so many others to lift themselves out of poverty.
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ABOUT THE FILM - by the director Carmen Oquendo-Villar
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Walking the dark, invisible passageways hidden behind Bogota’s bright neon lights, Diana, a trans woman becomes a crucial catalyst of the Zona Especial de Servicios de Alto Impacto (ZESAI). ZESAI is a social policy experiment intended to promote social integration by legalizing sex work within the residential neighborhood of Santa Fe.

As a community mobiliser, Diana generates controversy among residents of the once family-oriented neighborhood of wealthy Jewish immigrants. She oversees the transformation of the zone, not only into a place where sexual workers’ rights are recognized, but also into a destination for impoverished refugees, ex-paramilitary, and former guerrillas from all corners of Colombia.

The narrative point of view is given mainly by the voice of the protagonist: Diana Navarro. Her perspective is privileged for several reasons. Not only does Diana, originally a street dweller, offer a strong perspective defending sex work, but her life is surrounded by social and narrative conflicts. In Santa Fe, Diana, who proclaims herself as a prostitute, has to overcome the defamation of those who question the credibility of her struggle for trans and sex-worker's rights. In Bogota, she confronts gentrifying forces that want to eliminate the zone and remove her peers from Santa Fe. Personally she confronts her own loneliness, exhaustion, and aging.

The barrio of Santa Fe has been completely forgotten from Bogotá’s audiovisual history and worse, from its collective memory. Therefore, it is very important for Santa Fe itself to be recreated in our documentary.

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