It has come to our attention that the world is missing something. Something glamorous. Something gorgeous. Something sassy AF... 

And thus the search is on to find Miss Sass 2017! Who is the celestial being who personifies Sass? It's time to find them and celebrate them in all their megababe glory.

Contestants will take part in three rounds - catwalk, talent and question round in order for our attendees to make a fully informed decision on who should be our Miss Sass. That's right - our attendees will be able to exercise their democratic rights in order to vote for who they feel should be Miss Sass 2017 as we feel bougie judges who have no connection with the sasses (that's sass and masses together) have no right in making a decision on behalf of the people.

The celestial being crowned Miss Sass will receive prizes from our sponsors Helena Juroc Latex, Ingrid Kraftchenko, Mary Benson, The Model Traitor, Tamzin Lilywhite & more + lifetime free entry to Sassitude for them and a friend! 

And of course as per usual we will have a night full of the sassiest djs in town (TBC babe)

£3 before 11.30
£5 after

p.s. entry is still open to try out for Miss Sass so contact our resident sassy babe Emily Rose England to compete.