Livia Rita & artists will launch the art fashion collection around her single HEART TATTOO!

This will be special.
A catwalk spectacle of another kind will meet Livia Rita’s electronic magnifying glitchy songs and collide into live art taking over each particle of air.
Livia Rita is ganging up with dancers, Tom on synths machines, and the HEART TATTOO Ladies.
Get absorbed and dream away in a glimpse of magic.
DJs (to be announced) will ring the bells to when the night will marry our ecstatic energy and the dancefloor will become a dangerous place. See you there!



The art fashion collection and song HEART TATTOO dissect new love and its capacity to overcome the limits of our own existence. It let's love be the fantastical reality designer for a better future and fuses imagination with the physical phenomena of the body.

Livia Rita is creating performative outfits / collections for each song of her forthcoming debut album. The work is developed at the Barbican with mentoring of Lindsay Kemp (David Bowie & Kate Bush) and Lea Anderson.


Doors open at 8.30pm, the performance & catwalk start at 9.30pm

Cheap! Link coming.

And a Zine will be launched! And some outfits can be ordered.


The sinfully madly talented team:

Dancers: to be announced
Models: to be announced
Music: Tom McLuckie & Livia Rita
Design: Livia Rita
Costume making with Sarah Louise Renwick, Sian Dorman, Eleanor Tipler, Sabrina Hasan
With texture design of Sian Dorman and Diana Burch
Choreography: Livia Rita & Taylor Danson
Set Design: Tom Schneider
Magazine Design: Mathilda Della Torre

Production: Anjali Prashar-Savoie