10pm- Late

Here ye’ here ye’! Since times of old peasants and royalty alike have joined together in the festivity of taking the ancient piss out of each other, playing tricks on loved ones and generally running a muck all over the shop! Sunday~Funday doesn’t really know why we’ve been doing this for hundreds of years but just the fact that April 1st lands on a Sunday is enough excuse to return for the first time in 2018 with our fantasy-spectacular, micro-rave of dreams: SUNDAY~FUNDAY!

After 3 years of throwing funtastic parties in the holiest of dingy queer dive/basements VFD, you surely get the drill by now?* 

Expect loud fun music curated by our funtabulous queer superstar DJ’s, a flock of drag court jesters who will beguile and bemuse you with breathtaking feats like lipsyncing and swaying in time to music, all your medieval town-gossip to be had at the bar and smoking area, PLUS a joke shops load of tricks up our wizards sleeves to conjure a world of fantasy, freedom and FUN (that in the short term temporarily distracts from Monday’s fast approach and studies show that over long periods of time attending Sunday~Funday will make skin appear younger, enhanced sexual attraction, gently wears away at contemporary mass consumer culture, agitates the oppressive status-quo and can eventually topple the patriarchy all together; now doesn’t that sound like fun?)

So remember: Pinch Punch first of the month means fun with your friends at VFD!

10:00pm - LATE!
Shows at midnight
£5 on the door, or pay more if you can 😚😉😎

*the drill aforementioned consists of artistic decorations lovingly made by hand, amorphous garlands of balloons, a forrest of psychedelic bunting, loud bassey pop and R&B, a hanging garden of colourful donut-vines, squeaky toys, disco guns, broken high heels, intermittent showers of ceiling sweat, occasional naked attention-seeking and frequent street side antics