There’s a brand new breed of queers, crawling out from the sticky slime of east London! Rodent DeCay presents the first retching of femme ferocity and revolting monstrosity come to shake and wail and scream in the face of banality: SISSY SCUM! A brand new live art performance party serving you a midnight mass of artists taking risks and causing chaos with queer bile. 

Your scum queens for the evening are:

Kevin Le Grand, a chanteuse for the unwashed masses and a Grand Dame for the people, Ms Le Grand brings her infectious frivolity from bars to runways to clubs and now she graces us with a midnight rendezvous. 

Edythe Wooley, oozing pink milk and flexing feral muscles, joins us to sort through the ashes of filth, glamour and gender. Edythe Wooley is an operatic brat refusing all restraints, bringing high octane sensuality with eviscerating defiance. 

Shay Shay, of the infamous Show, a nightmare in plaid, will be in attendance to quietly judge you and all of your life choices, bringing her brand of high energy, gluten free, Californian camp. 

johnsmith was last seen by Rodent as a silver angel foetus floating between genders and all of humanity itself. Which was nice. Flitting between the ethereal and the patriarchal, johnsmith is the suited and transcendental fucboi we never knew we needed.

Presided over by Queen Rat Goblin, Rodent DeCay! 

£5 Doors at 10pm with a late night show 11:30 – 12:30

DRESSCODE: Your grandma’s burial shawl.

Expect to see: bad drag / feral children / exploded genders / the slime between worlds / hairy witches / queer horror

Expect to hear: alt-pop / fag-pop / queer-pop / witch-pop / disco / maybe some black metal / techno / 80s garbage music / more disco


[poster photography by Dan Govan]