Rowdy SS suggests BALANCE - 22 March 2018
VFD London

[19:30] DOORS

36 Drop a film by Rebecca Bellantoni.

"36 drop is about our fears and the pedestals we place them on. Thinking about the transferral of energy. Mind to object. A cathartic moment and actioned prayer."

Thus Road performance video by Rowdy SS in reaction to the firing range at Evershot Studios, Stepney Building, formerly a British military Drill Hall.

Balance: A new solo dance/sound/visual improvisation by multi-disciplined artist Rowdy SS, an on going work in research of how space is using us, how we are using spaces, new ways to communicate in and outside of these/those spaces. the efforts and effortlessness of balance.

[21:15] DJS

[11:30] END

The intention behind this happening is; use the VFD basement space for sharing, and inviting ourselves to begin exploring and furthering conversations, both internal and external that give life to new and concepts, traditions and the development of techniques. Doing more with the constant dualities, connections/disconnections, the ways of 'being' in and during performance and allowing for the unearthing of the somewhat predefined ways we share/express ourselves to each other and with one another.
ig: @rowdy_ss



Can I pay on the door?

Yes, you can pay minimum donation of £5 at the door. Due to space limits prior purchase of a ticket is advised to ensure entry.

Filming the event?

Filming and photography are prohibted. If you wish to film or take pictures during this performance please contact the organisers for prior permission and instruction.