ShayShay's High Wasted FEMMETOPIA! 


FEMMETOPIA is a space for radical visions, passionate transgressions and your wildest imagination. It is our space to prove it is possible to do things differently. 

ShayShay, of the infamous ShayShay Show, is bringing the queer thunder to Femmetopia! 

This self-proclaimed drab queen will be bringing their unique style of , gluten-free, hippie-dippie Californian camp. Come see ShayShay slip and slide along the gender spectrum all night long as we all get high on drag!


Making their world debut it's...HIGH WASTED, the newest high-kicking, high energy, highfalutin drag diva supertroupe! 

Consisting of...
> Sophie Brain, the back-bending, mind-blowing, technicolour contortionist!
> Holly Styrene, the disco-dancing diva bringing brains, beauty and body!
> & ShayShay, the loudmouth lipsync queen with elastic lips!

Bringing together their dazzling good looks and dizzying dance moves, these three superpowers have joined forces to get you high, and get you wasted. They are... HIGH WASTED

In FEMMETOPIA, nothing is fixed, everything can be transformed, take a risk and stretch the limits of possibility with us… 




We refuse to settle for what we have been given, we are coming together to imagine and enact new and better pleasures, other ways of being, and ultimately new worlds.

Escape the misogynistic bullshhh of the streets, let ShayShay take you by the hand and descend into vFd’s feminist bunker to discover the wonderful world of FEMMETOPIA.

Femmetopia is for all femmes, women, transfeminine/transfemme folk, trans* folk, gender fluid folk and gender non conformers, non-binary people, butches and all other queers and their friends. Everyone is welcome but if someone behaves like an d*** they will be immediately ejected. 

From the t-shirt you slept in to a sequinned ball gown- come as you are. Wear as much or as little of whatever makes you feel really really good. 

£5 early bird // £7 advance // £10 OTD

>> FEMMETOPIA is at VFD every 1st and 3rd Saturday's each month- follow VFD for more upcoming magic! <<


We regretfully apologise that VFD is in a basement venue accessed by a staircase and therefore is not wheelchair accessible. 

The main space is accessed by a single staircase with 12 stairs that has a single bannister along the entire length. There are no steps or stairs once you are in the basement.

There are two toilets in the basement space, each are gender neutral and have no steps to them. 

There is a smoking area downstairs that closes at 11pm, however if you have access needs, please tell staff and you are welcome to use the basement level smoking area throughout the night. 

There are benches along the space if you need to sit down. 

If there is anything we can do to facilitate your visit to vFd then please contact us on info@vfdalston.com and we will do our very best to help in advance and on the night.