❀ grrrlfran is back! ❀ After a very sexy lil launch, Shellac Discotec is back to celebrate the diverse talents of our favourite local laydieez at dreamy disco den VFD

Shellac Discotec is for the gals with freshly shellacked talons, nervously bitten tallons, and DIY sparkly tallons.

She’s a queer little party for the nancy boys, the butch queens, the femme hussys ~ the sisters unabashedly doing it for themselves

All welcome ~ big looks applauded!

❀ gurlz on the dex ❀


VIOLET (Snuff Trax) B2B ELLES (Suspiciously Delicious)


CHAKA KHAN'T (2gurlz1cub)

❀ capri sun tropicana disco beatz ❀

Hosts ❀ Victoria Sin + Georgie Bee

Pop-up Shit Nailz salon ❀ drag darling Foxy Hunt ❀

Art Installation ❀ Ella Lynch



Event Page here