Not Like That is an electronic label and AV club night based in London supporting music and visual art made with computers. They hosted an incredible LDN PRIDE Party here on Saturday night, coinciding with a celebration of the launch of their new EP. 

Here's a link to that debut release, Not Like That Presents: Cute Club, available now, and a quick Q&A so you can learn a bit more about the electronic collective. Lick their battery. 

Q: NLT - for those not in the know, can you tell us a bit about your crew and NLT’s history? 

A: We're all digital artists who use computers to make art in some way or other, whether it's 3D animations, projection mapped installations, graphic design or electronic music. The inspiration came from the London rave scene and materialised out of the internet and especially the vaporwave movement. The idea is to bring together a forward-thinking aesthetic and group of artists, to translate our internet culture IRL.

Q: Your Pride party line-up was impressive. Are these acts and artists regular collaborators or were they specially hand-picked for the occasion? 

A: All were especially chosen for that party! ツ Toasty and Space Candy have released this and this with us and are old internet friends. Sherelle is a new discovery and we're super happy to have her involved because, like us, she's all about the underground dance music styles. Karnage is also a new collab. We've been predicting a gay grime star for years and HERE HE IS! Watch out for his tune on our EP. 

Q: What digital artists (have) inspire(d) you? Who on the scene currently would you recommend tuning in to? 

A: The internet is packed with amazing artists. Every platform has its underworld. Look up Weird Facebook. VJ London is an event series for AV performances which is def worth looking up. Mineral Lick is an amazing visual artist we collab with. She works developing technologies for disabled people and on the side makes futuristic otherworldly visuals. The list is endless tbh.

Q: Since you were VFD’s official Pride afterparty, what did you do on Saturday that made you proud of yourself? 

A: Listened to Jessica Simpson - had eye contact with a random bear on the tube - bought a rainbow cake mix - wished I lived in the '80s and smoked some weed with a penis-shaped pipe.