Uh oh, we're back! The highly anticipated return of last year's queerest dance party starters SUNDAY~FUNDAY is here to hijack another cultural vom~fest! After the critical acclaim and rave reviews from last year's un-festive bash we're bloody doing it again and throwing a naughty LEFTOVERS~BUFFET in the armpit of that overstretched capitalist orgasm that is London Christmas. And what's more we're not even doing it on a Sunday! For the first time, we are proud to bring you "MUNDAY~FUNDAY BOXING~DAY LEFTOVERS~BLOWOUT!!!" That's right, Santa will have only just clocked off and we'll be up to no good in the wrapping paper and pine needle-strewn basement of dreams, VFD. But fear not, this is NOT a Christmas party! We'll have had our fill of office tinsel, tacky toys and tragic adverts. This party is for the ones who don't care, the ones who say "Stuff the turkey" and "Sod the In-Laws!". At our leftovers party we will do what we always do. We will come together, whoever and whatever to have FUN! We shall dance and drink, there shall be games and shows, there shall be drag-queens*. For we don't need a public holiday, or a cookery show to bring us together!

The last FUNDAY of the year invites you all to come and party away the leftovers of not just Christmas, but this whole year. As we edge towards 2017, let's take this chance to piece together a queer view of tomorrow, from the leftovers of yesterday.

With music from Lewis G Burton and Maxi More, and party tricks and shows from an array of performers and artists this will be the dance party to undo the xmas rage.

Doors open at 8pm, £5 all night.

*the term "drag queen" applies loosely during leftovers party!