What can we expect from Cherry Bomb? A night of debauchery, fun and really good music. It’s not every Friday night you get to hear a variety of female fronted punk bands all night long!

Last thing that happened at a night that you were hosting?

We had a dance routine on the bar from 6 drag queens and a nude vogueing dancer with an iPad on his head.

Dream guest for Cherry Bomb?

I already got her - Princess Julia!

If the night was an animal what would it be?

Red-Lipped Batfish

Who can we expect to see at this night?


Favourite record ever?

Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m running a weekly club night called GRUNGE every Thursday which is a platform for young LGBTQ performers (no matter what genre they work in) to do their thing. I’ve been working with musician/producer Venice Calypso on a series of curated nights called INFERNO too. I’m also currently working on doing a small group show with charity organization Platform Six of LGBTQ artists as a lead up to a larger exhibition next year. As well as loads of other things.

Will you be still working with poultry in your art this year?

No. I’m done with that for a LONG time.

Why have Cherry Bomb at VogueFabricsDalston?

It’s always a ball at Lyalls!