This week at VogueFabricsDalston we have a great New Zealand performer who has been performing for most of his life. He now after a turn on the boards in Edinburgh and Paris is in London for a one off performance at Vogue Fabrics and a few good chats. We spoke to Mika this week pre his show at VogueFabricsDalston.

Q: What are you cultural influences?

The love child of Eartha Kitt and Grace Jones, being raised in a Maori village , sequins, drum and bass-tribal Hollywood.

Q: Tell us a bit about travelling with a show to Edinburgh and Paris?

Travelling should be an adventure. I tour now because I want to, not have to. I love the challenges and meeting of other artists who create dreams, not dramas. Lyall Hakaraia at VogueFabricsDalston is the perfect person to host my show and a place like Vogue Fabrics is a great space to experiment in.

Q: Are there any artists you have worked with recently or seen on your travels that you have enjoyed?

I have met so many artists on this trip and collaborated with photographers and artists. I am excited as to what we might create in 2015.

Q: In New Zealand you have the Mika Haka Foundation, can you tell us a bit about this?

The foundation is a charity I created to forge new artistic thought and expression. Gay, bi, transgender Maori street kids and alike congregate to create challenging work. I am also interested in original music, the dance scene and fashion, and all the emerging leaders I work with all create in these forms.

Q: What should we expect from one of your performances?

To be alive in the moment, feel a reason to connect, and laugh. In the depths of Vogue Fabrics Dalston one should release all inner demons and pretensions and be welcome to Salon Mika.

Q: What are your next plans?

I am off to New York looking at my October show there, then LA for a photoshoot with Queer KlubKidz.

We will see Mika soon, and you can see him Tuesday 2nd September at Vogue Fabrics from 7:30pm, £5.