adeeb ashfaq + benjamin walker: ['untitled' work no. 14] // **L*I*V*E***M*U*S*I*C** Adeeb Ashfaq and Benjamin Walker are proud to present, “unititled, work no 14”, a contemporary art exhibition with live music. The exhibition is set to showcase several large installations working within the field of sculpture, but also public performance – which coincide with live music sets.

Set on June 18th 1999, "Reclaim the streets" [RTS], a forerunner to the 'Occupy' movement, often led protests were describable as being somewhere between performance and a political protest: carnivalesque with - fire breathers , clowns, jugglers etc. for the first time in its history - the entire City of London was closed.

Told through Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, the exhibition focuses on narration of the events of the day: negating an idea of 'truth', looking at memory, history and archive – how do these things affect each other? How does one narrate such events whilst maintaining objectivity? And do any of these affect the telling (or re-telling) of the days events?

The installation draws upon viewers to become ‘Alice’ to explore and engage with multiple performers/actors, film, music and sculpture in the intimate world of The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter and The King and Queen of Hearts.

With live music from:

Brownie promise (Ayesha Tan-Jones) Ollie Godwin (one half of $ h i f t $) ++ Felt Sound aka Mark Feltham

doors open 19:00 @ voguefabricsdalston, stoke newington road, dalston, n16 7xb