VFD's World Aids Day tribute  1 Dec - 4 Jan

The Window By The Museum Entrance is a three-part window installation presented by Alex Margo Arden, opening on World Aids Day 2016 and continuing throughout the month of December. Through the window period of display, the work exists as a shifting temporary memorial – shoes appear, disappear and multiply. Scaffolding which is used to hold up ceilings pushes at the boundaries of the space while holding up the space. The supporting structures are illuminated by fairground lighting, while piles of empty Ruby Slippers accumulate. Eventually the red glow of this scene is masked by a construction billboard print depicting amassed ruby slippers which encompass the entire window. This is in turn is removed to reveal an array of connected fibreglass bells lying on the ground – until a final chime of a silent bell is heard.

In her installation, Arden directly references Act Up’s SILENCE=DEATH (1987) originally shown in the window next to the entrance of the New Museum. Like Act Up, Arden uses processes of repurposing, reframing and recirculating to underscore their political agenda.

Alex Margo Arden is an artist based in London. Her recent projects include Trailing Off (ICA), You Can’t Smell When You’re Sleeping (Mathew NYC) Interjection Calendar Project (Montez Press), Gathering Place (AND/OR). She recently graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London where she won the Hamad Butt Memorial Prize for exceptional promise. She works across sculpture, performance and smell production.