C.U.L.T. presents THE FLOORSHOW a unique experience featuring the performative styling’s of EAST LONDONS finest. VOGUEFABRICSDALSTON is opening its doors to queens, Queens and more QUEENS! We have music styling’s from Aussie siren MZ. (Madeleine Wood) as well as a doing a little cabaret number with cutey TOM BARRATT. We have a number or two from PERFORMANCE ARTIST LEWIS G. BURTON who will also be COMPARING the evening and introducing all of our fantastic acts. ANDIE MACARIO has prepared and extra special treat for everyone, I wonder what she could have up her sleave?

We have everyone’s favorite new queens about town THE HAUS OF TROT will all be making an appearance at some point throughout the evening. SMILEY VYRUS will be throwing her WEAVE around as well as a performing with a very sinister ANNA WINTORAL. ROBYN GRANNIES will be showing off her TATTOOED HEART. And we have performance newbies MADAME MAXWELL doing his fave SHIRLEY BASSEY number GOLDFINGER, as well as a QUEER BERLESQUE show from the beautiful RYAN SEWARD.

With music from cheeky chappy PEACE!


(Full set list to be added later to date)