This months Loverboy is here this Friday, get here early, 10pm-3am. SOMETHING ABOUT PHEROMONES let’s recreate our childhoods­ first you then me let’s whisper our escape plans to strangers in the street let’s find another way of speaking without moving our bodies let’s talk about the paradoxical constraints of everything and of our two hands not even touching­ under the sheets i am the remote control baby i am the windshield i am a second skeleton i am breaking glass i am the rusting gaiety of your youth i am the anti­compass to you, i am a figment maybe an archaic symbol of fragility your creasing shirt your devoted neck tie your now complete experiment i have become the anti compass to you i have become to you no longer a source of melancholic fantasy try to remember it now like you remembered it then our two hands not touching under the sheets us, as two people in the world not yet joking about death or other people’s parents we are not two pieces of string attached to anything, and in fact we are not even subtle in our dialogue anymore tip toeing in a kind of desultory bliss through life east of the atlantic contradictory rain clouds form above us­ beside us to your left in this room heres the truth: i have experimented with many different versions of myself to get to the version of the person you are trying but failing to confide in heres the truth: if you sink your teeth in deep enough you might find that­ in spite of yourself there won’t be enough flesh left to feed you

Katrice Dustin




Sega Bodega