Harking back to a time when inner city warehouses, lofts and basements across the globe began throbbing to the beat of electronic music, a time where dark sweat boxes and leather prevailed, a time when the musical landscape was set to change the anatomy of music for ever. Dangerous Liaisons is an evocative soundscape of synths, carefully curated to take you on a journey back to those night-clubs, back to those lofts and back to those towns. An exploration into the rich tapestry of electronic music from 1980 to 1989.

The Synth Pop of London, the Techno of Detroit, the New Beat of Antwerp, the Coldwave of Paris, the Electro of New York, the EBM of Dusseldorf, the Italo of Milan, the House of Chicago, we leave no synth unturned.

Expect plenty of 808 hand-claps and cow bells!


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