After a brilliant first event just before Christmas, we’re back in February! Dark Fabrics Cabaret showcases some of the most exciting, engaging and thought-provoking theatrical artists and performers from around London and further afield, in a welcoming atmosphere with a little whiff of Parisian fin-de-siècle glamour lingering about its lilies. A mixture of immersive spectacle and theatrical story-telling is promised, amongst plenty of laughter…

Hosted by Miss Patricia Primarché, the exceptionally cheap drag queen, for the February event we will be giving you:

- 'Shadow Puppetry' Performance Installation from TERINA (www.terina.info)

- Nat Lunatrick: 'Award winning gentleman juggler extraodinaire from the frozen northlands' (www.lunatricks.co.uk)

- 'Food Play’ by Nick Blackburn (The Blackburn Company, http://www.blackburncompany.org/)

- 'Harp Stories' from spoken word harpist Sarah Faith Salad Turton

- Steve Wickenden and his live band The Bandits present ‘50s Fabulousness’

- ‘Shark-Faced Sally the Hard-Nosed PR’, a short comedic monologue written by Pat Cash, performed by Charlotte Gallagher (‘The Judas Kiss’)