Dark Fabrics Cabaret returns with cheap hostess Patricia Primarché (she always keeps the price tag on) and her carnival-esque romp through the most scintillating, spectacular and inspiring theatrical acts from London and further afield right now. Izabella Finch

Having become something of a Youtube sensation with her 'London Lover' track recently, Izabella is a musician and theatrical performer with an edgy, appealing twist. She will be producing an imaginative and arresting piece about the phenomenon of street 'chugging' specifically for DFC April.

Ideas worth a penny

A brand new bouffon theatre company comprised of four ex-students from the world-renowned Ecole Phillipe Gaulier in Paris, Ideas Worth a Penny present an extract from their fantastic new show 'Marie and the Lamb', before they take it to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer.

Riche Watkins

MTA trained Rich Watkins has performed at venues across London, as well as at Edinburgh Festival and Avignon Festival in France, with his much-loved brand of musical theatre. Catch a very special show at DFC April, with a few promised surprises.

Candy Gigi Markham

A 'Hackney New Act of the Year' comedy finalist, Candy Gigi Markham delivers some of the freshest new standup you can find in the capital. Described by Steve Bennet of Chortle as 'a burst of insanity... force-of-nature performance... sheer audacious lunacy... once seen, never forgotten.'

'Vinnie the Boring Boyfriend'

Premiered at Shakespeare and Company Bookshop in Paris last month, 'Vinnie the Boring Boyfriend' is a ten minute comedic one-man piece, from the 'Fag Ash' monologues. Performed by Luke Dizzle.

Screaming Toenail

After forming to perform West African folklore stories at DFC's premiere event in December of last year, we are excited to welcome back the new modern-punk and acerbic wit infused incarnation of The Screaming Toenails to finish our night on a high!