DFC are on the fourth event of their theatrical showcase night, and this time they extend their antics with and afterparty to last all night Performers lined up for DFC #4 currently include:


"Trine Munk squeaked and cooed her way through a bizarre and brilliant parody of a pained Nordic singer-songwriter" - Ben Miller



The artist formally known (in all past lives) and currently known as 'Maria' will be presenting her 'Desert Island Discs with a Twist'.

- TAREQ SAYED RAJAB DE MONTFORT (Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montfort)

Informed by the philosophy of beauty from Plato to divine beauty in Sufism. TSRdeM performs a short history of the lower form of beauty; Vanity.

- PRETTY MISS CAIRO & Sex Workers' Opera

Working with gender deception and gender perception, Miss Cairo blurs the line of the ideals of femininity and masculinity through song, stripping, dance and an appreciation of vulnerability.


'Multimedia musings on British sexuality and the queer body - with audience participation, virtual Viagra and genital ventriloquy.'


- CAROLINE SMILING (Caroline Smiling)

"There is no denying the special power of their Jazz Blues and Pop, uniquely led by Ukelele, piano and her beautiful voice, accopmpanied by the electric bass, percussion to tell us of her musings."

And once the performances are finished we're throwing back the benches, and getting dancing to the music provided by DJ maestros Dr Jonathan Kemp and Mrs Dalloway for 'Trashbag', encompassing gay indie, electro-noir and beats straight to your heart...

All-encompassing ethos: straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, queer, everyone's invited and you're all welcome. Hosted by Patricia Primarché, the cheap drag queen who always keeps the price tag on.

Doors at 8.30pm, show starts at 9 (ish) and we get our dancing shoes on from 11.30pm onwards. £5 all night.