Is it Spring? Is it not? Don’t worry, because Dirtbox is ready to turn up the heat as the Dirtbox boys are counting down to their 5th and final birthday in July. Come join them down in that favourite Dalston sleaze pit of yours, Vogue Fabrics Dalston, and get your torsos to glisten with some man sweat, yours, or someone else’s. We’re not that fussy! And to keep you from overheating we’d advise you to wear as little as possible, as usual. Jockstraps, harnesses, vests and tiny shorts. You know the score. As usual, residents Gibson, Princess Michael of Cunt and The Duchess of Pork welcome you into the Dirtbox den of manfun to get you juices flowing with boiling beats, deep throat house and a heavy load of amyl-nitrate to moisten your treasure trails, moustaches, backs and cracks.