What package will you be finding at the Dirtbox pre-Christmas party? Get your harness in a twist, throw those jockstraps on and get a whiff of that ‘room odouriser’. It’s time to work up a sweat again at your favourite Dalston sleazepit. Come get your juices flowing. For this special pre-Christmas edition we welcome back our friend DJ Sparber from NYC. Sparber has graced the Dirtbox decks a number of times, never too shy to get that chest hair out. You won’t be disappointed.

He’ll be joining residents The Duchess of Pork, Princess Michael of Cunt and Gibson as they welcome you into the Dirtbox den of manfun with a musical orgy of hi-NRG, Italo, New Beat, electro, hip house, synthpop and a heavy load of amyl-nitrate to moisten your treasure trails, moustaches, backs and cracks.