Dr Noki’s House of Sustainability presents  The Sustainable Art School (S.A.S.)

The S.A.S. fashions textile reinventions via sustainable redesign and up-cycling.

The S.A.S. is seeking to recruit the best, and most hardcore fashion students - those that focus on the underground before it goes well overground.

Behind this Dr Noki installation is the S.A.S. studio, where front-line customisation education will take place in the creation of Noki’s signature Magazine Gown, the original piece from 1996 in the Noki archive, lovingly crafted in a warehouse in a, then, backwater place called Shoreditch…


(pictured: Christeene wears Dr. Noki)


Dr Noki, Shoreditch's "Mash Up" pioneer and customisation expert, will be available for one-to-one tuition in sessions building custom NOKI originals. All garments will be custom-built with full NOKI hardware, and signed authentication certificate.

WHAT: Dr Noki’s one-to-one sustainable customisation sessions

WHERE: VFD, 66 Stoke Newington, N16 7XB

PRICE: £150 (full day rate)

DATES: To be announced

CONTACT: email to register interest and receive further info