When Lucifer fell he did not fall alone, his children still dance below our feet. Legend has it the further underground you get you can hear them screeching and singing unreleased Cher songs. The nights are growing darker, colder, and warmer, maybe it's time to call a friend? As we enter the most unholy month of the year. There is a place not far from here, a place where it is said you can hear the children of Lucifer's joyful whispers, a place deep underground, a hole... called VFD! Every so often it is said that the children congregate in this hole in lavish dresscode and dance round the fires of hell - rumour has it that on the 14th of October one such congregation is happening... THATS RIGHT CHILDREN!!!  RAD FESTA IS BACK!!!! and this time we're celebrating one of Lucifer's favourite children's birthdays, Amelia Sophie Webb the wicked witch of Holland and Barrett!!!

Rituals will be performed throughout the evening that will make you gag and music that will awake Lucifer from his fiery tomb !!!!!!!! So come and start your unholy month the right way with a bit of good old sin down at RAD FESTA!!!!

Performers: Eugenia Shishkina Kallola Montana aka Kalender Dogan Jender Anomie Ms Kevin Le Grand

Djs: Alexandre Simões Josh Quinton

(and more to be announced)

in case of emergency dial 666