SEASONS CHANGE, PEOPLE MOVE ON, BUT EMO IS FOREVER, IT'S NOT A PHASE MOM ! It's September, we're feeling the seasons change. It's getting a bit darker and a bit colder and all these bloody leaves are about, and we're feeling very emo.

Ten years ago, it was tough being gay or a girl (or a gay girl) and being emo to boot. You spent your days crying and painting your nails black while listening to sad boys in eyeliner, singing songs that expressed somehow, exactly how you felt inside. Writing the lyrics in your MSN messenger username, complaining about how your parents don't get you, constantly changing the spelling of your birth name to sound cooler, taking high angle selfies so you got your ENTIRE fringe plus your Converse in the photo, seeing just how many letters you can remove from a word before it stops being that word coz you only had 160 characters per 34p text message and you only have £10 credit per month, wearing that Nirvana hoodie till it literally fell apart, answering 100 pointless questions on a Myspace bulletin and posting "PC4PC" on all your friends photos. Recently we all got a bit of a heart attack when MCR posted THAT VIDEO, and suddenly all these things came flooding back (or perhaps they never left) and since it turns out there is no reunion tour (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ we are going to throw a flippin party instead! Dress to the nines in your best Disco Goth and come down to our Emo Ball to mosh around/scream at the top of your lungs/cry standing still to your favorite bleeding heart tunes.

All night we'll be playing bands like Panic! ATD, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Green Day, The Used, Hawthorn Heights, Papa Roach, System of a Down, Fall Out Boy and basically anything emo or pop punk from around 2001 onwards and there will be absolutley NO Lostprophets.

£5 entry all night, we are so DAMN EXCITED O(≧▽≦)O