RAD FESTA is back again like again like herpes it's that horrible rash that you just can't get away from! BUT this time it's bigger than ever as this time it's Ms Kevin Le Grand's birthday!So we have: more performances, more DJs, more fashion, more sweet SWEET, more GLAMOUR, more ARCHIVE, more Dramaaaa, more PISS, more sequins, more sewage, more Alex, more CRA,P more RAD FESTA!

We just can't wait to see how this turns out!

DJs: Alexandre Simões DISCO SMACK 's Josh Quinton HRH Princess Julia

Performances: Kevin Le Grand Bailor Alex Margo Arden Kaloola Montana aka Kalender Dogan Eugenia Shishkina Jender Anomie Lady Vagina aka Edythe Woolley (More to be announced)

£5 entry

See you there lovers x