Holestar is putting on a show in the VogueFbricsDalston basement to look back at ten years of doing drag from Tuesday 14th May. We talked to her about her multi-faceted career and the highs and lows of making a living putting on fabulous wigs.

Your first solo show starts in earnest next week. What can we expect?

Glitter, gay love, art, domination, Prince, honesty, big wigs, East End glamour, my "hits" reworked and a fully stocked bar.

Tell us about your time in the military. What made you decide to join?

Desperation and a massive come down.

You also lived in Vienna for a while, why did you decide to move there?

Thought it'd be a good place to be a decadent artist but ended up giving birth to my drag persona, ten years ago this month to be exact.

It was also in Vienna where you started your life as a dominatrix. How did that come about?

Exploring different aspects of sex and sexuality, I started going to fetish clubs, playing with people and found I was quite good at it so decided to go pro.

Any funny stories to tell?

My most notorious story features in the show so you'll have to come and see it!

holey 2

How did you get involved in the East London alternative drag scene?

Bumping into Jonny Woo at performance/electro night Studio Neon where I'd been putting clothes pegs on a man's testicles. He introduced me to the carnage where I found a bunch of gender bending, rule breaking loons and felt at home.

Are you still working on your documentary about the local performance scene?

It's still in the works. Once funding is secured, it'll be finished and sent out to show the world how bloody fabulous we all are.

What’s your fondest memory of your decade in drag?

Too many. Performing for incredible crowds in New York, Copenhagen and Budapest. The first year of alt tranny madness at NYC Downlow, Glastonbury. Being called for an encore while performing outside the Hofburg Palace for Vienna Pride. Hitler and the Pope have done turns there too. Not that that's something to brag about. 


I’m guessing your least favourite memory was the Glastonbury when you (kind of) lost a leg?

Yep, voguing onstage with Jon Sizzle and Lazy Susan, I went one way, my leg another. I just sat there staring at my knee while A Man To Pet was trying to help and Jonny Woo shouted "work with the injury Holestar". The routine was buggered so Sizzle and Su lezzed off.
I can laugh about it now but it put me out of action for eighteen bloody months.

Any closing words you would like to pass on to this and future generations?

Emulate your heroes with caution, be the best you can be. You're not the first person to put a wig on their head and you won't be the last babes so be nice. Don't demand respect, it is earned. SMILE!  If you're going to lip sync, learn the ruddy words and if you forget, twirl honey, twirl!

Sorry I'm a Lady runs from Tuesday 14th - Saturday 18th May at 8pm every night with afterparties on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May (Holestar's POP! doubles up as the wrap party on the Saturday)

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For more info on Holestar check out her website.