4 Blondes 1 Cup return to VogueFabricsDalston!!! After returning from their spiritual awakening and soul defining round the world trip the blondes have found themselves and re-grouped.

Having done charity stuff down Africa, slummed it in a tent over Europe way and bought some gorge cheap sarongs up in Asia they have decided to come back and spread their new found global wisdom and inner peace with you lucky people of East London.

This is gonna be truly epic fun on a global scale!

Jonbenet Blonde will be giving us all a lecture on global economy and developemtal polotics.

Julian Smith will be leading the drumming circle and tribal dancing workshop.

Daniel Stevie Nicks Sallstrom will be elightening our body souls and minds with a meditation class and a vegan world food finger food buffet

Max Allen will be giving styling, craft and customisation advice to make sure you always achieve the ethnic and exotic style of a truly international woman.