The first coming of JOHN Homosocial Party will grace the basement-floors of London's VogueFabricsDalston on Friday 16th of August. Ah men. JOHN is a Homosocial party held bi-monthly in Melbourne, Australia. Named after a mens toilet - a missing person - the client of an escort. John was also Jesus's love interest, according to the gospels.

Co-founded by Nik Dimopoulos and Timothy Moore - also the creators behind agayzing fagazine They Shoot Homos Don't They? JOHN amalgamates bears, jocks, Marys, artfags and studs into one pretty mess - which means lots of sweaty boys and men on the floor. As diverse as the crowd, so is the music with djs slamming butch beats, throbbing baselines and a few disco manthems for some hands-in-the-air moments.

After 5 impressively long years raising the bar and the brows in Melbourne, Australia, JOHN spreads its seeds to London, England for some sweaty gentlemen-on-men action.

More details TBC