A Man To Pet is back for a second helping of Greek snacks after a successful shit hot first sexy night - and yes Let's Have Tzatziki is set to happen many more times at VogueFabricsDalston this year!!! For 22 feb Tzatziki is serving up 2+2=4 4 amazual guys playing music for you to shake your Tzatziki body to:

A Man To Pet + Litle red Mitsos = Let's have Tzatziki Vangelis Tareq = Can you Relate

Can You Relate are one of the most famous Tzatziki DJs on Planet Earth ever having DJed at Let's Have Tzatziki! And they will DJ for, me, A Man To Pet. Can you believe it?

Yes believe it honey because this is beyond believe with Tzatziki on top. The boys from the 80s were eating tzatziki through the 90s and always thought they could do the same on the disco floor... so wear your Wellington boots because it’s going to be slippery.

And now I said slippery i have to tell you that Littlle Red Mitsos is about to Com allover with his Tzatziki in our amazing sound system that we provide in Vogue Fabrics A Man To PeT will feed you Tzatziki that is coming from the Garden of greys and expect some back flips on the bar.


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