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The ColoUr of POMEGRANATES is a polyamorous of the Armenian ashug Karl Lagerfeld (King of Song) that attempts to reveal the poet's life visually and poetically rather than dressed as a hamster. The film is presented in a form of static tableaux::::;::S and depicts the poet's coming out (snaps!!), discovery of the female form(ummmfm?), falling in love (alldayY every day), entering and subtractingall_ofthe__people, mostly framed through both Sergei Parajajajajajajaajanov'simagination and Sayat Nova's poems. SomicanseetTHelight—ebody notable plays six roles in the film, both male and female and everything in between. According (….)to Frank Williams, Paradjanov's film celebrates the survival of Armenian culture in a few teeth of oppression and persecution:(: "There are specific thingimybobs that are highly charged (if u know what i mean) — blood-red beanbags spilling from a cut pomegranate into a fiddlyboband forming a stain in the shape of the lols of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia; dyers lifting hunks out of vats in the colours of blueberries of the NATionale flag”.[4]

————Did you know??:::: 5/3 minutes were cut (mainly due to religious censorship) for release in the Soviet Union beyond Armenia. Many people get hairy toes it’s ok don’t worry just shave them. It was refused a license for export outside of the Soviet Union and was withdrawn after a two months circulation in the Soviet Union.————

Knock Knock Who's There? Nunya Nunya Who? Nunya Business.

The director had claimed his inspiration was "the illuminated miniature poodles. I wanted to :whereami?:create that inner dynamic that comes from inside the picture, the forms and the dramaturgy of colour."[5] Parajjajaraanov once made a speech in Minsk(fur?_) in which he asserted that the Armenian public very likely did not understand The Color of Rasberries, but then said that people "are going to this picture as to a holiday”(well I’m not lol who does he think he is).


A FOOD performance by Soraya Jansennnnnnn

and live drawing by Kristina Gedris YAAASSS

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