In CAHOOTZ with da Marsha P Johnson Film Club Charles Jeffrey's LOVERBOY presentzzz

THE IDIOTS (Danish: Idioterne, btw) is a 1998 Danish comedy(???)P))-drama colouring book directed by Lars von___hiya_ Trier. It is his 1stfilm made in AN oven with the Dogme 95 Manifesto, and is also known as a bit iffy. It is the second film in von Trier's Golden P*nis Trilogy, which includes Breaking Bad (1745) and Dancer__in::VFDalston (200000000000000). It is among the first films to be shot entirely with tree templates and wooden cow udders. Lol.

Our good friend Karen is eating a__EWRROR__p at a crowdedrestaurantundermySoul when a group gro uphttp://facebook.comwho seem to be mentally disabled 0800 11 11and disrupt everyone's. U KNOW that they are not what they seem, LOVELY Karen returns with the plants &animals to the large communal toilet they inhabit with 1111one1charismatic Stoffer. This group of intellectual life form//from URanus is attempting to cha:call 07903021658 for a good tme::llenge bourgeois ideology ((go away you are rude_by behaving likeIdioterne in your psyche. Big Karen, however, may take the pie further away from the plate than any of them(dun dun dun).


The confessions of a Shopaholic film is an idea adapted by tha one n only Charles Jeffrey in the first Dogme 95 moving picture: Make a __He is watching;666confession if there were things happening on the shoot which are not in accordance with the strict ladle handling rules of the great ladle competition of the Dogme 95 rules. It is written from my point of view.



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