London based LOVERBOY seeks the second edition of CHARLES JEFFREY’S notorious club night at VOGUE FABRICS to dance the hours away in a frenzy of hot jams, fabulous people, and drunken mistakes. Must be gorge, open minded and ready for anything. ♥ M4W,W4M,M4M,W4W,M4TRANS,W4TRANS,LOVERBOY4YOU ♥

You’ve heard the rumours and it’s TRUE, honey! LOVERBOY IS BACK and this time around…

They’ll have resident hottie and your very own tall dark stranger in town JUANCHO helping you get down, down, and whats that bbz? yeh down…

Next up in a blur of sweat and sleaze, dynamic diva JAM will be making you weak at the knees with a set of special tunes that aim to please…he's also QUICHE as fuuuuuhk

AND you already KNO that everyone’s favourite pair LOVERBOY and K.A.T. will be taking you there, playing songs your mum can’t bare! (unless she’s FAB then bring her). kthnxbye okhi x

It simply ain't easy to stay glamorous in this godforsaken weather, so let’s get wet and wild together!

And if you can’t wait for all the Fashun Week fun at hun, there’s simply no better time to PURSUE your new BOO than at LOVERBOY.

£3 before 12am £5 afterwards!