This is a week long artists residency happening at VFD featuring the talents of the collective Project Rage Queen the masters of queer multi sensory mutant cabaret who practice their art in Los Angeles and San Francisco . They will be creating magik while collaborating with queer London based collectives the 'Family Fierce ', 'LoverBoy ' and 'House of Health'.

The programme is as follows ( please find links to each of these events).

Monday 22nd - Project Rage Queen set up house and welcome donations of material as they create a world in the venue . In the evening they will be welcoming other artists to come and talk about shared matters of interest and practice with the topic up for grabs and as a starting point ...The Mutant and Mutation: celebrating the outsider as an innovator. Individuals who reject conformity are evolutionary anomalies and should be celebrated for their ingenuity and progressive/regressive nature.

Tuesday 23 - A night of sci-fi / fantasy / horror with Project Rage Queen whose own work centres on indentity / gender / mutation and dystopian futures . We are looking for other partners who would want to show short films.

Wednesday 24 - Rest Day

Thursday 25 - Project Rage Queen present an evening of their mutant cabaret. Their work encompasses visceral performance, psychedelic-surrealist-horror video, trash sculpture, and immersive hallucinogenic installations that are a fusion of 'drag' , 'punk' and high/lo-fi technologies.

Friday 25- Come and party with Project Rage Queen and a selection of guests performers and djays to include the Family Fierce and LoverBoy .

Saturday 26 - Rest Day

Sunday 27 - Sunday Funday with the 'Family Fierce ' and guests to include Project Rage Queen.

Please Note - PRQ will be arriving with nothing and need to set up house in the venue and create their art with donations from our community . They will need air matresses, sleeping bags and pillows . They will need people to take them out and show them all the beauty of east London and where to eat and swim and shower . They will need materials to make their art work , working with items that have been thrown away or seen as rubbish , items to be re purposed and made beautiful in a new light . This is the magik this is the love !