For their first birthday party Naked Boys Reading invite you to come down and celebrate the stars of track and field in everyone’s favourite piece of “clothing:” the JOCK. Thanks to NASTY PIG the boys will be outfitted in jocks throughout the night, reading to you (don’t worry – they’ll strip) stories of meat heads and athletes, locker rooms and ball games. Not to fear, this isn’t some body fascist regime: we like all shapes and sizes in our jocks, you needn’t be a gym bunny. From pole vaults to home runs, come see why the JOCK will always be a fetish bar none. Prizes given away throughout the night courtesy of Nasty Pig.

The boys: Billy Black, Mikko Makela, Eddie Peake, Ashley Ryder (NBR2) and James Stanley Thomas (NBR1, NBR2)

With: Sharon Husbands, Referee The Duchess of Pork, Trainer £5 advance tickets, no booking fee - BOOK TICKETS £7 on the door